Ten Things

One: Armadillo lamp.

Two: Anne-Marie Slaughter seems to always get it right. #workingmom

Three: These cute Steve Madden fringe boots for $27!

Four: My increased interest in old lady shoes. (See also: That time I harassed the girl at Banana Republic until she admitted that her cute shoes were Dansko.)

Five: These weird-but-awesome pleather pants I bought at the above trip to Banana. (They were $12 in store!)

Six: Free Valentine’s Day printables.

Seven: Ice Cream For Breakfast Day is Saturday.

Eight: I bought B a pair of Frozen slippers for, like, $3 at Target last week and she is obsessed with them. Wears them to bed – to sleep! – every night. Kind of wish I would have gotten something cooler, like these.

Nine: These always make me want to repaint.

Ten: Is it summer yet? This suit is really cute if you are very comfortable with your bikini line. VERY comfortable.

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