A very good friend just got very good news that is going to require her to dress like the #girlboss that she is. She’s in a semi-earthy/creative field, but she is very young to have landed such a big role. So – how to be professional, but still seem hip and cool?

We decided that she needs A Thing. You know how Madeleine Albright wears brooches? That sort of thing. She already has a pretty good collection of cool-girl Madewell jewelry, so I think her Thing should be “minimalist jewelry in earthy metals.” Bonus points if it looks like it might kill somebody.

For clothing, I focused on pieces that felt pulled-together without being overly formal. I’m into the vest-instead-of-jacket look for summer. Plus, her job requires her to be outdoors a lot and I don’t want her getting the sweats.

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