I’m back.

Hi! Remember how I had a blog? That was fun. And then I took a no-shopping pledge that effectively killed it? That was dumb. Also, ineffective.

But! Lots has happened since then. We moved from St. Louis to Springfield, IL, for Josh’s job. The move allows me to work remotely. My girls keep getting too big, and E is walking and kind of talking/mostly screaming and B is smart and sweet and obsessed with wearing a robe and slippers that make her look like a tiny Hugh Hefner. Gary is old AF. I’ve gotten to decorate a new house and explore a new city…er, town.

A move that I thought would be terrible is actually not. MOSTLY BECAUSE OF MY AMAZING WALK-IN CLOSET. And also, you know, my family’s happiness.

Since moving to Springfield, I have become even more of an avid online shopper because the shopping options here make St. Louis look like the fashion capital of the world. And I keep running into deals and thinking “that would be a good blog post.” So – here’s what. I’m not going to try to post everyday. I’m not going to try to make a billion dollars on my blog. (ha. ha ha ha ha.) No strict rules, except I’ll try not to forget to pay for my domain this time. But really, no promises.

Are you underwhelmed yet? Great!

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