Some favorite finds.

Hi! Here are some things I bought that I love:

Full Disclosure: I purchased these from my favorite Springfield resale store for like $20. Mine are the crop version (which are full length for me #stubbylegs) and I think they run big, but they are AWESOME. A 9″ rise sounds intimidating but doesn’t feel crazy high and allows me to bend over without showing any crack. They have a good amount of stretch and hold their shape well. And they have reminded me that I need to stop buying cheapo Old Navy jeans because these are SO MUCH BETTER.


I bought this sweater (in white) on Amazon and it’s super cute and super cheap. I wear mine with pants. I got a medium and it’s delightfully oversized.



I also found this sweater at the same consignment store. (Seriously, this store is the best thing about Springfield.) Full price is way more than I would pay but I miiiight have only paid $20 for it.

And finally I purchased the NY Times basic digital subscription for $15/month because it is SO IMPORTANT to know what’s going on right now. And in a time of “fake news” and “alternate facts,” supporting journalists and the free press is well worth it.

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